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Effective OCD Treatment in St. Cloud, MN

Are you looking for OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) treatment in Waite Park, St. Cloud, and surrounding areas? At Aurora Mental Health and Wellness in Sartell, MN, we are proud to offer the latest in mental health treatment options.

In addition to high levels of safety standards and patient care, we utilize ketamine infusion therapy for the treatment of OCD, as well as other mental health conditions like anxiety and PTSD.

What are the Symptom Subtypes of OCD?

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Contamination Obsession with Washing and Cleaning Compulsion:
Identified by obsessive notions about contamination and compulsions of extreme cleaning or washing.

Harm Obsessions with Checking Compulsions:
Identified by obsessive thoughts about potential damage to yourself or others and compulsions, including checking rituals to relieve your anxiety.

Symmetry Obsessions with Ordering/Arranging/Counting Compulsions:
Characterized through obsessive thoughts about symmetry and compulsions to make every little thing orderly until they are “just right.”

Obsessions Without Visible Compulsions:
Identified by intrusive thoughts about religious, intimate, or aggressive themes. Triggers related to these themes are typically steered clear of as much as possible.

Characterized through obsessive anxieties about getting rid of items or belongings you may need one day.

Ketamine Infusions for OCD Treatment

Ketamine infusions are quickly becoming one of the most popular treatment options for various disorders, including OCD, depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

Unlike many traditional medications like SSRIs which can take months to start working, ketamine therapy offers patients relief quickly, with some individuals reporting relief within a few hours of their first infusion session.

How Does Ketamine Help Treat OCD?

Scientists believe that ketamine helps with OCD by rapidly boosting the activity of glutamate, a neurotransmitter inside the frontal cortex of the human brain, while also allowing new pathways to form in the same area.

The promptness of ketamine in yielding its therapeutic effect occurs because it bypasses the conventional serotonin path and goes straight to switching on glutamate.

This is remarkably different from conventional treatments, which initially boost serotonin activity levels in different areas of the brain to ultimately affect glutamate. This process usually takes weeks, sometimes months. Ketamine, on the other hand, produces rapid results and relief from OCD symptoms.

Where Will I Receive My Ketamine Infusions?

We strive to ensure all of our patients feel as comfortable as possible in their private rooms during treatment.

A number of our patients refer to a “dissociation” effect. This effect aids your treatment and delivers a positive response to ketamine therapy for many patients.

This is all an ordinary component of the treatment. You will always remain in a safe atmosphere with our team to monitor you and be readily available to you during your infusion.

Is Ketamine Treatment the Right Solution for You?

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Are you ready to take back control of your life? Are you tired of trying one medication after the other, only to be left with the same symptoms? If so, then ketamine infusions might be an excellent option for you.

Contact Aurora Mental Health & Wellness to request your consultation and learn more about the best new OCD treatment in Waite Park and St. Cloud, MN, can change your life.

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